Call Recorder saves the individual audio and video tracks from a call. To export the tracks as individual files for editing, use the Export button in Ecamm Movie Tools to save it in the desired format. Before clicking Export:

  • For audio recordings, click the Export Split Tracks checkbox at the bottom of the Ecamm Movie Tools window, then click Export.

  • For video recordings, pick Separate Files from the Video popup menu at the bottom  of the Ecamm Movie Tools window, then click Export.  

Extracting Tracks Directly from a .callrecorder File

The .callrecorder file format is a "package file", which means it's actually folder, but looks like a file in the Finder. To access the contents, right-click or control-click on the file in the Finder, and choose Show Package Contents. It will open just like a folder. and you'll see the contents: each movie track as a separate file.

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