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Zooming and Panning in Screen Share Mode

How to zoom and pan in screen share mode with Ecamm Live

Updated over a week ago

When sharing your whole screen, or a window from another app, often you need to zoom in on the screen image. You might do this to crop out window borders, or to show only a certain part of a window.

There are 3 ways you can zoom and pan.

Two-button Mice With Scroll Wheel

You can zoom using the scroll function of your mouse while your cursor is over the Ecamm Live Main Window. You will zoom in on the current position of the cursor.

Scroll “up” to zoom in, or scroll “down” to zoom out.

After zooming in, you can pan left/right or up/down by holding down your right mouse button (or Control key and left mouse button) and dragging in the Ecamm Live window.

Track Pad or Magic Mouse Users

If you use a trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture. With your cursor placed over the Ecamm Live Main Window, spread two fingers apart to zoom in towards your cursor. Pinch two fingers together to zoom out. Once zoomed, move around the screen using the scroll gesture on the trackpad (move two fingers).

After zooming in, you can pan left/right or up/down by dragging on the Ecamm Live window with two fingers on the trackpad instead of one.

Using the + and - Buttons

Zoom by using the + and – buttons in the Control Bar. The zoom will move in (or out) from the center of the Main Window. 

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