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How to Use Continuity Camera as a Webcam in Ecamm
How to Use Continuity Camera as a Webcam in Ecamm

An easy way to use your iPhone as a webcam in Ecamm.

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The camera built right into your iPhone is pretty incredible and getting better with every update that Apple makes. So why not use it as a webcam for your live streams, video recordings, Zoom meetings, webinars, and more?

What is Continuity Camera?

In case you missed it, Apple has created a built-in solution called Continuity Camera and you can use this feature to turn your iPhone into a webcam. Yes, it works with Ecamm Live, too!

Apple's Continuity Camera also lets you use their portrait mode, center stage, and studio light features for streaming or recording videos. What are these features?

Portrait Mode blurs your background and focuses on the one person in shot. Center Stage follows you if you're moving around in the shot, keeping the focus on you. Studio Light darkens the background a bit and adds more light to your face.

How do I know if I have Continuity Camera?

Continuity Camera is only available on iPhones introduced in 2018 or later (iPhone 11 or later). You also need to be running iOS 16 or newer, and be on mac OS Ventura (10.13) or newer on your Mac computer.

Getting Started

In most cases, everything "just works" without any adjustment to settings. However if you aren't seeing your iPhone camera in Ecamm Live, here are a few things to check on:

  1. Ensure that you have to have both your Mac and your iPhone on the same Wifi connection.

  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on both for both devices.

  3. You'll need to be signed into the same Apple ID on both devices.

  4. Once you've done the above, go to Settings → General→ AirPlay & Handoff and make sure Continuity Camera is turned on.

  5. Then in your Mac's System Settings, go to General β†’ AirDrop & Handoff and make sure Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud Devices is turned on.

Once set up, and your iPhone is near your Mac, Continuity Camera will turn on automatically when you open up Ecamm Live, and you can use it as a camera source. (You may have to click on the Click to Start message in Ecamm Live's Camera Switcher when it first shows up).

Now you can use all of Ecamm's camera settings to make any adjustments you want.

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