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Ecamm Live Preview Mode

Getting started with preview mode

Updated over a week ago

Need to make a change while you’re live? Ecamm Live's Preview Mode lets you do just that. With Preview, you get full control to make any changes you need while you’re live without your audience seeing a thing.

This may not be a feature that you'll use every time you're live, but it certainly will come in handy if you need to glance quickly at what's in a future scene, add in a surprise guest, or edit a typo in a text overlay.

Where to Find Preview Mode

Preview Mode is only available if you're live streaming or recording a video. To find the feature, simply go to the Window menu and click on Program. When you've done that, you'll see a program window open up to the right of your main window. This will be what the world sees when you're live streaming. The main window will become your Preview.

Once you're live or recording, you'll see the Preview button appear in the bottom left hand corner of the main window.

How to Use Preview Mode

Once you're live or recording and you need to make a change, simply press the Preview Mode button in the bottom left hand corner of the main window. This will add a yellow PREVIEW icon at the top of your Preview screen and a red PROGRAM icon at the top of your program window.

Everything you do in the Preview window will NOT be visible to those watching live. In the example above, Doc Rock has removed the "100 PURE FACTS" graphic from the Preview, but the live viewers are still seeing it.

While you're making your changes in Preview Mode, you'll notice that two new buttons are visible in the bottom left hand corner - Back to Live Mode and Publish.

Once you're done making your changes and you're ready to push them out for your live viewers to see, simply hit the "Publish" button. When you're all done making edits or reviewing future scenes, be sure to hit the "Back to Live Mode" button to leave Preview Mode.

Pro tip: if you have a second monitor, you can move the Program window to that monitor so that you can have a confidence monitor and have an eye on the broadcast while you're making changes in your Preview window.

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