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Managing PhoneView Archives
Managing PhoneView Archives

How to manage your PhoneView archives

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PhoneView automatically archives Message, Call Log and Voicemail data for connected devices. To access the archived information, click the "Archives" button in PhoneView's toolbar, or choose Archives in the PhoneView menu. To manage your archives, choose "Manage Archives..." from PhoneView's device list.

Turn Archiving On or Off

You may decide not to archive data from a specific device. Use the blue checkbox to turn automatic archiving on or off.

Renaming an Archive

To rename an archive, double-click the phone name, and type a new name. PhoneView does not use this name to match the archive to the device. Any name can be provided here.

Deleting an Archive

To remove all archived data and cached information about a device, select a device and click the "Remove Selected Archive" button.

Merging Archive Data

You may wish to combine the data from two phones, for example your old iPhone and your new iPhone. To do this, drag your old phone's archive to your new phone's archive. The old phone's Message, Call Log and Voicemail data will then be copied to the new phone's archive.

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