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Ecamm for Zoom Participant Video Resolution
Ecamm for Zoom Participant Video Resolution

How to get the best video resolution in Ecamm for Zoom.

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Ecamm for Zoom is a beta feature! This means that you'll need a beta version of the app to use any of the features describe here. Help us test this exciting new capability by downloading the Ecamm Live Beta.

When added Zoom guests to your Ecamm Live livestream or recording, you may noticed reduced video resolution, resulting in blurry or pixelated video quality.

Zoom participant video resolution will vary based on a wide variety of factors. Here are some steps to increase the resolution.

Upgrade Your Zoom Account Level

Most importantly, a Zoom Pro account is required for 720p resolution. A Zoom Business account or higher is required for 1080p resolution.

Ensure that HD Video Quality is Activated

Your Zoom account settings, available on the Zoom website, includes a checkbox called Meeting-HD Video Quality. To find, it go here and use the Search Settings box to search for HD.

It is very important that this option is enabled. Check these instructions for details on how to change this setting for your User, Group, or Account.

Contact Zoom Support

We recommend that you contact Zoom support to request these higher resolutions once your account has been upgraded. Zoom usually responds within the day and will simply update your account to increase the maximum resolution if needed.

Check Bandwidth Requirements

If you're still not achieving HD quality after following the steps above, refer to Zoom's bandwidth requirements to assure that your internet speed is sufficient.

Additional Details

Please refer to Zoom’s guide on Enabling HD video for Zoom Meetings for details on ensuring that participants are able to join at higher resolutions. Note that the mention in the article about requiring “Active Speaker Layout” does not apply, as Ecamm Live will ensure that the highest available resolutions are requested from each participant.

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