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Exporting a Movie with Transparency in Apple Keynote
Exporting a Movie with Transparency in Apple Keynote

There's an extra hidden step when exporting a movie from Keynote if you want it to have a transparent background.

Updated over a week ago

Apple's Keynote app is a simple way to create motion graphics for use as animated overlays in Ecamm Live.

Here are some steps to do this:

  1. Add your slide text and animations.

  2. Ensure that your slides have a transparent background. The background will appear black in Keynote.

3. Once you've prepared your animated slides, choose Export To -> Movie from the File menu.

4. When exporting, be sure to choose Custom from the Resolution, menu which will reveal a Compression Type setting.  

5. Choose Apple ProRes 4444 in order to enable a transparent background. 

 6. Add the movie file to Ecamm Live as an overlay.

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