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Creating a Scrolling Ticker Overlay
Creating a Scrolling Ticker Overlay

Easy steps to add scrolling text to your Ecamm Live broadcast.

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Scrolling tickers are a great way to grab attention in a live broadcast. There are four ways to add a scrolling ticker overlay:

  • Select New Text Overlay in the Overlays menu at the top of your display

  • Click the T+ button at the bottom the Overlays Window,

  • Type ⌘N.

  • Copy text from anywhere on your Mac. Edit menu ➝ Paste as Overlay will allow you to paste in plain or styled text.

When you create a new ticker overlay, a Text Editing Sheet will appear. Choose Scrolling Ticker from the Overlay Style menu.

Start typing to enter text. You can hold the shift key and press the return key to insert a line break. You can change many properties including font, font size, text color, text opacity (how much you can “see through” the text), background color and background opacity. You can apply any of these properties to individual lines or chunks of the text by highlighting them, and selecting your styles.

You can apply a shadow or an outer glow effect to all of the text. To add emoji, click the 😀 smiling emoji button and select from the menu.

The background size and shape is set automatically for you, and adjusts to scale with the size of your text. You can change the color and the opacity of the background by clicking the style button after the Background: label. Click this button again to return to text editing options.

Once you click Save in the Text Editing Sheet, your Overlay will appear in the Main Window.

Editing Ticker Overlays

To position an Overlay, place your cursor in the middle of the Overlay and drag.

If you’d like to change the text or visual style of the Overlay, place your cursor over the Overlay. Two icons will appear on its left. The pencil icon brings back the Text Editing Sheet for adjustments. A double-click on the Overlay will also bring back the Text Editing Sheet.

If you would like to hide the Text Overlay from the screen, place your cursor over the Overlay. Two icons will appear on its left. The X icon hides the text Overlay. You can bring the Text Overlay back to the screen by clicking the eye icon next to the name of the Text Overlay in the Overlays Window, or selecting it from the Overlays Menu at the top of your display.

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