NDI Titles Over Camera Mode

By default, NDI titles from an app like ProPresenter or EasyWorship will show full screen overlaid on your camera when selected in Camera mode.

NDI Titles Over Video File Mode

To show NDI Titles over a pre-recorded video, you must deselect the Show NDI Titles Fullscreen option:

  1. In Ecamm Live, go to the Preferences, to the Video tab, and look for the last checkbox Show NDI Titles Fullscreen, and uncheck it.

  2. Go to video mode in Ecamm by clicking on the movie icon in the top middle of the screen and select your movie.

  3. Enable Picture in Picture in the Options menu. 

  4. Select your title NDI source from the Camera menu on the menu bar or the camera switcher.

  5. Resize and move the picture-in-picture to fill the screen or position it as you need.

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