Streaming Using a Stream Key

Steps for streaming using an RTMP stream key.

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Destinations are managed in the Destinations section of Ecamm Live's Preferences.

To add a new streaming destination, click Add New Destination. A new window will prompt you to pick a streaming platform. Pick RTMP.

Add Destination Window

Using an RTMP Stream Key

If you're streaming platform is not listed, you may be able to broadcast to it using an RTMP stream key. Services that use RTMP include Wowza and Crowdcast.

To add a destination for any RTMP-capable service, you’ll need two pieces of information:

  • Server URL — this will look like a web address, except it will say rtmp:// or rtmps:// at the beginning.

  • Stream Key — this is like a password, so that Ecamm Live can identify you and establish a connection with the streaming server.

Stream Key Login and Password

Rarely, some RTMP services may require a login and password. (Dacast is one example.) Use the Provide Login and Password checkbox to add this.

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