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Streaming with a 360° Camera

Details on streaming via Ecamm Live with a 360° camera

Updated over a week ago

Ecamm Live supports 360° video streaming. The only camera that we have tried here is the Ricoh Theta S. There are a few very specific installation and set-up steps necessary to do this:

1) Install the Ricoh Theta software here: Mac Theta App.

2) Install Ricoh's UVC Blender software as well.

3) Reboot the Mac.

4) First, unplug the camera from USB. Then, press the power (top) button while holding down the camera icon button (bottom) to put the camera into live mode. You should see the word Live appear in blue below the blue camera light. The power button flashes blue.

5) Connect the camera to Mac over USB. The power light will turn red.

6) Open Ecamm Live. You should see a camera source in the Camera menu for the THETA UVC Blender. Pick this. It should look like a warped 3D "equirectangular" projection. If you see two fisheye circles instead, ensure that you have picked "THETA UVC Blender" as your camera.

If "Theta UVC Blender" is grayed out or can't be picked, try quitting Ecamm Live and coming back in. It is kind of inconsistent whether it starts or not.

7) In Ecamm Live, pick "360 Camera" from the "Stream Aspect" menu in the Options menu at the top of the screen.

8) Go live!

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