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iGlasses Modification History
iGlasses Modification History

Details on iGlasses version numbers and updates

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3/29/2022 - v3.5.7: Fixes a memory leak issue with macOS 12.3. Fixes an issue where colors could change when using the temperature adjustment slider.

12/30/2020 - v3.5.6: Adds compatibility with Apple M1-native apps.

11/20/2020 - v3.5.5: Adds compatibility with Apple's new M1 Macs.

10/5/2020 - v3.5.4: Adds compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur public beta.

5/27/2020 - v3.5.3: Adds support for using iGlasses in Zoom.

10/10/2019 - v3.5.2: Fixes an issue with using certain webcams with iGlasses in macOS 10.15 Catalina.

10/9/2019 - v3.5.1: Fixes an issue where the Share Media feature did not always work. Fixes an issue where still images did not show up in the Share Media feature.

9/30/2019 - v3.5: Adds support for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

4/30/2018 - v3.4.9: Adds support for the latest version of Chrome. Adds support for the latest version LINE.

9/20/2016 - v3.4.8: Support for macOS Sierra (10.12). Other minor fixes.

9/3/2015 - v3.4.6: Fixes an installer crash on OS X 10.11 beta. Fixes an issue where iGlasses was not working in Screenflow and Camtasia screen recording apps. Fixes an issue with selecting iGlasses in FaceTime. iGlasses will no longer cause OS X to switch to discrete graphics card mode on some Macs. Other minor fixes.

10/23/2014 - v3.4.5: Fixes a memory leak issue. Other minor fixes.

10/6/2014 - v3.4.4: Support for Yosemite. Support for using iGlasses in Safari 7.1. Increases frame rate to 30 fps. Allows exposure lock on built-in FaceTime HD cameras on newer MacBooks. Fix for Jabber Video 4.7.  

11/27/2013 - v3.4.3: Fixes an issue where iGlasses did not work with Safari 6.1 on OS X 10.7. Fixes an installer issue which caused iGlasses to not load for some users. Fixes an issue with installing iGlasses in a multi-user environment. Fixes and issue with Syphon Servers not showing up. Fixes an issue with legacy camera support. Fixes an issue with the recent files menu of Share Media mode on OS X 10.9. Other fixes and enhancements.

11/11/2013 - v3.4.2: Fixes a problem using iGlasses in Safari and Chrome on OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Fixes a problem using iGlasses with the 2013 MacBook Air.

9/12/2013 - v3.4.1: Fixes a problem where iGlasses would take exclusive access of the IR remote. The remote is now activated manually with the "Use Remote" menu item. Fixes a bug with Logitech webcams where Exposure could drift after being locked. Other fixes and improvements.

7/23/2013 - v3.4: Adds ability to manually adjust Exposure and White Balance with built-in iSight and most USB cameras including the Microsoft LifeCam series. Exposure and White Balance settings are now properly saved and restored. Adds ability to adjust the digital pan/tilt/zoom using the Apple Remote on supported Macs. iGlasses is now AppleScriptable (can be controlled via AppleScript.) Fixes an issue with Skype 6.5 and higher where the picture could freeze during a call. Other bug fixes and compatibility issues.

2/28/13 - v3.3.3: Fixes some compatibility problems with Skype. Fixes an issue with iSpQ VideoChat. Other fixes.

2/1/13 - v3.3.2: Fixes a hanging issue experienced by some users.

1/25/13 - v.3.3.1: Adds support for Cisco WebEx. Adds the ability to use iGlasses as a virtual camera when no cameras are available. Fixes a problem where the iGlasses window could go missing. Compatibility fixes for Adobe FMLE and CamFrog. Fixes an issue where the video sometimes looked stretch when using iGlasses on websites. Fixes an issue with certain third party cameras. Other fixes and enhancements.

10/27/12 - v3.3: Support for HD (16:9) video (requires HD-capable application and camera.) Adds Retina graphics. Important fixes and enhancements.

7/25/12 - v3.2.1: Adds full compatibility with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Syphon Servers will now appear in the camera menu and can be used as video inputs. Adds compatibility with FCP X. Other fixes and enhancements.

4/19/12 - v3.2: Adds the ability to lock and adjust the focus of the Logitech C910/C920. Adds the ability to lock auto-exposure of the Cinema Display iSight and certain other UVC-compliant webcams such as the Logitech C910. Adds playback controls and scrub bar to the Share Media effect. Fixes a bug with Spaces. Fixes an incompatibility with Bookpedia and other Bruji apps. Fixes a problem with using WMV files in Share Media effect. Fixes a problem with WebEx, Cisco Movi, and Jabber Video compatibility. The camera will now start up faster. Other performance improvements and compatibility fixes.

1/25/12 - v3.1: Changes design to make Presets menu easier to find. Changes design of introduction screen to include video preview and uninstall button. Adds quick-menu to status bar button. Adds number scales to adjustment sliders. Adds "Censor" effect. iGlasses will now support 3rd-party camera drivers such as macam. Adds option to auto-hide the settings window. Fixes problem where some users could not find the iGlasses window. Fixes a problem where video would sometimes stutter or flicker. Fixes a memory leak problem affecting Macs with HD3000 graphics. Resolves an issue where iGlasses caused dynamic graphics switching to continue to require "discrete" graphics even after iGlasses was closed. Fixes incompatibility problems with Chrome, FrameByFrame, Bruji Bookpedia, Visimeet, Vidyo, and some other 3rd party apps. Fixes a problem with Photo Booth on OS X Lion. Fixes a problem when using a laptop in clamshell mode. Fixes a problem with waking from sleep. Fixes an issue where iGlasses could cause iMovie '08 to crash. Fixes a problem with Skype where iGlasses could flash to black. Fixes a problem with how iGlasses selects the default camera. Other minor fixes and performance enhancements.

10/11/11 - v3.0.2: Adds Sharpness and Tint controls to the Adjustments screen. Increase sensitivity of various adjustment sliders. Fixes an issue that could result in no video after using the exposure lock setting. Fixes an issue with Yahoo! Messenger compatibility. Fixes an issue where iGlasses could continue to use some CPU cycles when not active. Fixes an issue that could cause video to freeze during an iChat or FaceTime call. Fixes an issue where iGlasses is not accessible if the menu bar has no room for new status bar items. Fixes an issue with DV camera compatibility. Fixes an issue where the camera selection menu was not accessible if an error occurred. Fixes an issue where iGlasses could interfere with OS X Lion Preview's signature creation screen. Fixes an issue with changing cameras in Skype's Video settings. Fixes an issue where certain external HD cameras would show a distorted image. iGlasses will no longer will show up in PowerPC-only running in Rosetta mode. Fixes a conflict with Butler. Fixes a conflict with Snowtape. Fixes an issue where iGlasses would not always show up in Skype v2.8. The installer now requires that iChat, FaceTime, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and browsers quit before installation. Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

9/17/11 - v3.0.1: Fixes an issue where iGlasses would not work on some older Intel Macs. Fixes an issue where the installer would allow installation on some incompatible Mac OS X versions.

9/15/11 - v3.0: iGlasses 3 is an all new app, with new effects and full support for FaceTime, OS X Lion and more.

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