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CardRaider Modification History
CardRaider Modification History

CardRaider version and updates

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12/2/2019 - v2.0.15: Compatibility with macOS 10.15.1.

8/15/2019 - v2.0.14: Compatibility with macOS 10.15.

10/30/2013 - v2.0.11: Bug fixes for OS X 10.9.

8/2/2013 - v2.0.10: Bug fixes.

8/29/2012 - v2.0.9: Bug fixes.

7/2/2012 - v2.0.8: Bug fixes. Improved recovery of movie files.

2/16/2012 - v2.0.7: Improved recovery of movie files.

12/22/2011 - v2.0.6: Various fixes.

1/11/2011 - v2.0.5: Adds support for recovering RW2 files (Panasonic RAW 2), and RWL (Leica D-Lux 4 and 5) files.

6/26/09- v2.0.4: Fixes a problem recovering images on very large memory cards.

7/8/08 - v2.0.3: Adds support for recovering Sony Raw Format (SRF) images. Adds Japanese translation by

3/24/08 - v2.0.2: Adds support for the following RAW formats: Hasselblad H3D (3FR), Epson Raw (ERF), Leica Raw, and Mimiya Raw (MEF). Fixes a problem with finding some Kodak Raw (KDC) files.

1/4/08 - v2.0.1: Fixes a crash caused by certain card readers. Recovered photos sent directly to iPhoto no longer have peculiar file names.

12/21/07 - v2.0: Now recovers deleted movie files (AVI, MOV and MPG files). Adds new RAW formats (Sony Alpha Raw, Sony Alpha Raw 2, and Canon Raw TIFF). Other fixes and enhancements.

11/12/07 - v1.2.3: Fixes a problem with scanning 4 GB or larger memory cards. Fixes a problem with finding some TIFF-based raw files.

11/3/07 - v1.2.2: Improves compatibility with Leopard.

10/23/07 - v1.2.1: Adds "safe mode" option. Recovered images sent to iPhoto are now added in a single import operation. Addresses an issue with finding X3F files. Addresses an issue with finding CR2 files. Fixes a problem with uniquely naming recovered files. Improves compatibility with Leopard. Other fixes and enhancements.

5/15/07 - v1.2: Adds support for finding camera raw formats including Canon Raw, Canon Raw 2, Nikon Raw, Konica Minolta Raw, Fuji Raw, Olympus Raw, Pentax Raw, Sony Raw 2, Panasonic Raw, Kodak Raw, Leaf Raw, Sigma Raw, and Digital Negative (Adobe Raw). Other fixes and enhancements.

2/16/07 - v1.1: Now detects Canon Raw 2 (CR2) and Panasonic Raw image files. Adds French language localization. Fixes a problem where some memory cards were not detected. Other fixes and enhancements.

12/18/06 - v1.0: First release.

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