Facebook has begun rolling out the New Pages Experience. Due to an issue with how Facebook has implemented this change, some users who have upgraded their Business Page to the New Page Experience are experiencing an issue where the newly upgraded Page is not available as a streaming destination in Ecamm Live.

The happens when the user's account is not included in the People With Facebook access section of the Page access settings. Your Facebook account must be listing in that section.

If your Page is not appearing in the Post As menu and is not in the People With Facebook access section of the Page access settings, try these steps on Facebook:

1) Switch to the Profile for the Page in Facebook's top-right menu, as though you want to post as that page. You may need to click "See All Profiles". (Note that if you don't see your Page listed in the Select Profile section, even after choosing to See All Profiles, then this means that it is not a New Page Experience Page.)

2) Then go here to see the Page Access settings. If your profile already appears under the People with Facebook access section, this article does not apply.

3) Try using the blue Add New button to find yourself and add your profile to the People with Facebook access section. Unfortunately, the Add New button will not list you, so it cannot be used to add yourself. If you aren't able to add your own profile using the Add New button, you must instead add a friend/relative/associate as an Admin.

4) Once that person accepts the invitation to administer the Page, have that person then invite you to administer the Page using the same Add New button.

6) Back on your own personal profile, check in your notifications area, and you will have received an invitation. Once you review and accept, you will now be in the People with Facebook access section when you revisit the Page Access settings.

7) Quit and re-open Ecamm Live, and then check out whether that page appears in your Post As menu.

Please note that it will be necessary to repeat these steps for each page that is not appearing correctly in Ecamm Live.

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