Ecamm Live doesn't have an "early start" feature, but you can do this manually by manually starting the broadcast on the platform's web page.

For Facebook

  1. When you're ready to go live early, click the Broadcaster only: Edit details link on the announcement post on the Facebook website, and click the Manual Start button in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Switch back to Ecamm Live, and click the Test button to begin streaming.
  3. After a few seconds, you should see the Go Live button activate on the Facebook website (also in bottom right corner). Click it to go live.

For YouTube

  1. Begin streaming in Ecamm Live by clicking the Test button.
  2. Open YouTube's Live Control Room screen by pressing command-shift-F.
  3. Once the stream shows as active in the Live Control room, click the button there to Go Live.

Important Note

When using the method above, Ecamm Live will still think that you’re in testing mode, so it won’t pull in comments or reactions, and the local recording will not start, until the countdown reaches 0:00.

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