Ecamm Live can produce broadcasts on many live streaming services that support the Real-time Messaging Protocol, more commonly known as RTMP. Services that use RTMP include Wowza and Crowdcast.

To start streaming to a RTMP-capable service, you’ll need two pieces of information:

  • Server URL — this will look like a web address, except it will say rtmp:// or rtmps:// at the beginning.

  • Stream Key — this is like a password, so that Ecamm Live can establish a connection with the address and allowing it to accept your video

Every service is a little different with regard to finding this information. To connect to your service, in the bottom right corner of the Main Window, select Custom Stream Key from the Destination menu. A sheet will appear to accept your Server URL and Stream Key.

Note: Certain features of Ecamm Live—such as Comments and Reactions, and Scheduled Live broadcasts—are not available while streaming to RTMP services.

Stream Key Login and Password

Rarely, some RTMP services may require a login and password. (Dacast, Finalweb and some other services use this.) Use the Provide Login and Password checkbox to add this.

Broadcast to Wowza with an RTMP Stream Key

If you need to broadcast to Wowza Streaming Cloud, there are a few extra steps to set up your stream on Wowza’s site. We have instructions to walk you through Streaming to Wowza Streaming Cloud available to guide you.

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